This is the home of my new idea for a fantasy game using the Hero System. I’m aiming for an episodic game instead of a straight linear campaign. I want themes and tropes of the Western genre, but with Fantasy setting and mood.

At the moment I’m thinking of the players being responsible for more than one character, in the Troupe style, so interesting characters can be swapped in and out between episodes. I think the PCs will be a small, dedicated group of troubleshooters or “regulators”, perhaps like the Texas Rangers or roving federal Marshals from the Old West.

I want stories with economics and politics, so the political background will be well developed and complicated though the stories won’t always be. I want stories of exploration, so there will be lots of uncivilized settings in many different climates. I want stories of revenge, so there will be plenty of badguys with varying degrees of “black hat” appearance. I want to have freedom to drop in weird complications, so there will be lots of different kinds of people, ranging from frog-people to bird-people.

The continent is tentatively called Korthima.

Take a look at the wiki. There is some info there already.