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Magic systems are complicated in the Hero System. I’d like this world to have several of them, with very different flavors that both constrain their use and have internally consistent feels. I have a few ideas (and I’m looking for more), and I’m in the process of documenting them.

One will be a variant of KillerShrike’s Totemic Shamanism, and another will be my own version of Piedragemas, (or gemstone magic) but with a much better name. I’m also considering adapting Runecrafting, and I’m going to construct some form of Thaumaturgy, which I will define as “math magic”.

There will definitely be Divine magic as well, but I imagine that will be built more as singular powers than lists of spells, and will likely be paid for in much more traditional ways than the wholly rules-defiant examples above. I don’t have all (or really any of) the religions put together yet, so this is subject to change.

I’m very open to suggestions and discussions about what kinds of magic would contribute thematically or be entertaining generally.


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