Tranquil Demesne

The City of Peace is also known as the Tranquil Demesne. Their values are order and structure, and the suppression of disharmony. This city-state has an extensively codified set of laws, and very little flexibility where those laws are concerned. Criminality is harshly punished, and non-conformity is not tolerated. Even the smallest of anti-social behaviors is persecuted both legally and socially.

The cities of The Tranquil are thus very stable, and crime rates are very low. At least reported crime rates are very low. Since permitting a crime to occur is itself a crime, victims are sometimes charged with failure to prevent the crime against them. Thus they often choose not to report their victimization.

Order in the City of Peace is enforced by the Cerulean Guard, a highly trained and well-equipped paramilitary force dedicated to the principles of peace and to the elimination of deviancy in the Tranquil Demesne. These paladins of law and order are reputed to have the power to detect lies and deception, and to purge evil intent through the application of divine power.

The population of the City of Peace is largely devoted to the Ustvathi pantheon, and particularly favors the gods of Order, Justice, and Vengeance. A significant but small minority of citizens also or alternatively favor the gods of Charity and Generosity, and feel that Justice is better served before a crime than after. The worship of these gods sprang up almost entirely after the Tranquil expedition to Ustvathi territory found the Unruined City, called Vasthu by its original inhabitants. This expedition found something, and returned with it. This power had helped them become a dominant city-state in the world since the Vanishing.

Consider the culture of Tranquility to be somewhere between real-world ancient Persia and Victorian England. They have a lust for power and greedy audacity, but an internalized and strongly-held focus on propriety and place. Slavery is not tolerated, but indentured servitude is considered “bootstrap self-sufficiency”.

Tranquil Demesne

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